The dry fragrance has a savory sweetness, a slight herbal note, a touch of cedar, but is very clean and aromatic. Adding hot water, there is the scent of vanilla, caramel, a touch of sweet butter, and a bit of hawthorn flower. The cup has really nice sweetness and acidity. Acidity - the good kind, the bright sparkle in the cup; not the acidity that gives you a stomach ache! The brightness is actually quite moderate, but livens up the flavor profile, with a somewhat apple-like, malic quality. The cup has a nutty roast tone at City+ roast, turning to a soft milk chocolate at FC to FC+ roast levels. It ends with a very nice, clean bright note, honey-like, and lingering. This is not powerhouse coffee, but I think that's its strength. My problem with Peru coffees of late has been off fermenty notes (hinting at bad processing) and astringency in the finish (hinting at bad selection of coffee cherry on the tree). This cup here has neither of those pitfalls, and in fact seems to have been very well cared for from the tree to the coffee mill.


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