Guatemala Antigua

Guatemala Antigua:

Recommended roast level: City+

This Guatemala is elegant and sweet. It has balanced aromatics, caramel, melted butter, toasted bread, cocoa power, apple, blackberry, juicy and mild.

Antigua is internationally renowned for its high-quality coffees.  This region is located between three volcanoes in a valley with a climate perfect for cultivating coffee.  The soils are young and optimal for coffee.  The wet and dry seasons are defined for uniform maturation.  The temperature ranges from 19-22 C (66.2-71.6°F) and the altitude is between 4,600 and 5,600 feet.  Annual rainfall is between 800-1,200 mm and the humidity is constant at 65%.  Guatemalan Antigua coffee is described as having a full and velvety body, a rich and lively aroma, and a fine acidity.  Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai coffee beans are grown in this region and harvested between January and mid-March. (adapted from

Guatemala Antigua
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